A note about my creative writing.

I learned to love poetry in college at Chico State, where I found a modern art form that I hadn’t seen before; one that traveled to strange realms, and captured moments in ways that were clearer and more poignant than I had imagined in high school. I was amazed to see that poetry could be as crisp and accessible as the untangled light that fell on your grandma’s kitchen floor. So I started writing.


I wrote a book of poems, Finding Oakland. You can download it here for free in PDF format. It’s licensed under Creative Commons copyright now, so you can make copies. (See the publication page of the book.)


My work has been published in journals and anthologies, including Pembroke Magazine, Art/Life, Cafe Solo, Rivertalk, Collage, Retooling for Renaissance, The Third Millennium, and Red Tiles, Blue Skies.


More recently, I’ve branched out into short fiction, writing pieces which I call “snapshots,” and which folks generally call vignettes. They are stories, but they are very short. I try to capture a moment, an event, and instead of placing it in context and moving it through time, I turn it to the lights of memory and insight, and see what shines. I enjoy the approach.


My work comes in three flavors: poems, stories, and a novel in process. Some is presented here on this traditional static web site, and more is posted on my blog.


Current projects include a new book of poems, a collection of the vignettes, and a novel.

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